Comic Hosting Policies

Comic and manga are the same thing here, sometimes we call it comic and sometimes we call it manga.
Overall, we want to give comics fans the greatest freedom to share. So we set as few rules as possible.
  • Make sure that what you upload is a comic, or comic-related content, and complies with one of our Genres.
  • Child pornography, racial discrimination, terrorism, advertising, spamming, joking or trolling are expressly not allowed.
About duplicate titles.
We do allow the creation of duplicate titles. But before you create a duplicate title you'd better have a good reason, for example you want to upload different translations, you want to upload better quality images, or you currently have more complete chapters. In general, you can provide readers with better content than what's already available, or we may remove duplicate titles you created.
We recommend you create duplicate titles in the following situations:
  • Chapters in different languages must not be uploaded to the same ComicId.
  • We recommend that chapters translated by different scanslation groups should be uploaded to different ComicIds.
  • We recommend that do not to upload official translations and fan scans to the same ComicId.
Finally, we may modify these policies based on actual circumstances.

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