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Nemureru Kimi no Barairo no Kuchibiru
Rating Average 9.7 / 10 out of 75225 total votes.
Rank 5453th, it has 303 monthly views.
Alternative 眠れる君の薔薇色の唇
Author(s) Sakura Ashika
Artist(s) Sakura Ashika
Genre(s) Adult ; School life ; Yaoi
Type Japanese Manga - Read from right to left.
Release 2005
Status Completed

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A series of oneshots, some of them are interrelated.

Summaries by Backlash67:

Ch. 1: Shouta Namikawa’s friend, Kyou Kashiwabara, is interested in only undesirable men. After a sexual trauma as a child by his first lover who was this teacher, Kyou has grown into a sexual deviant. He often entices Shouta into “relieving his sexual frustrations for him”. Sex for Kyou is a reenactment of his first time with Shouta as the teacher stand-in but Shouta doesn’t want to continue to be a substitute or sex toy for Kyou. Shouta is seeking a “normal” relationship with Kyou. Can Kyou overcome his traumatic past and have normal relationship with Shouta, his true love?!

Ch. 2: Harumi Imura is a college student and self-proclaimed humans and women hater. Fushiimiyahi is a salary-man. Harumi is frivolous and sleeps around. After a violent altercation between him and one of his sex friends, Harumi is saved by Fushiimiyahi. Their relationship soon evolves from victim and savior to sex friends. But after hearing a tragic tale of deception that put the serious Fushiimiyahi in a bad financial situation Harumi becomes plagued by an unexplained anger. He becomes overwhelmingly furious when he coincidently runs into the person who has caused Fushiimiyahi’s grieve. Is this encounter and the feelings they leave Harumi with an indicator of Harumi’s first love?

Ch. 3: Yamauchi Shin the cute author for Chinami was introduced to Yoshi Tomo, a front cover designer, by Yoshi’s friend Mishima Shougo. Yamauchi is a recluse who hasn’t gone out in 3 ½ years and who never dated or even kissed anyone! Despite this he and Yoshi became lovers. Will this experience of new love break down the walls Yamauchi put up and allow him to open himself up Yoshi and the world again?!

Ch. 4: Mishima Shougo is reunited with his high school lover Yumi Mizuki after 15 years. The day they separated Yumi left Mishima after spouting some painful words at Mishima. Can these two rekindle the love they once had for each other?

Ch. 5: Another short story about Yamauchi & Yoshi.

Ch. 6: Saeki and Haruhito are former co-workers. Saeki, Haruhito’s former boss and lover, have an ongoing affair. Saeki is married to the President’s daughter but still sees and sleeps with Haruhito. Being unable to continue with the 3-way relationship Haruhito resigned from the company. However, his and Saeki’s relationship did not terminate. What will it take to either completely bring these two together or completely drive them apart? Read more to find out!

Ch. 7: Another very short story about Yamauchi & Yoshi (continued from ch. 5).

The series 'Nemureru Kimi no Barairo no Kuchibiru' has been categorized as 'mature', therefore may contain intense violence, blood/gore, sexual content and/or strong language that may not be appropriate for underage viewers.


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Volume 1Chapter 1 - 27